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ASTM D 2000 is actually very easy to understand, once the fundamentals are broken down. The combination of the document number (in our example D 2000), the revision year, the prefix letter M, the grade number, type and class designation, the hardness and tensile strength, and the suffix requirements, if any, constitute what is known as a

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ASTM D 2000 defines durometer hardness and tensile strength with a three-digit number. In this case, it is 610. This indicates the minimum tensile strength of the elastomer compound. If the designation has an M after the year of revision, then this call-out is stated in Metric units, megapascals (MPa). ASTM D2000 - 12 Standard Classification System for Rubber 2. Referenced Documents (purchase separately) The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.. ASTM Standards. D395 Test Methods for Rubber PropertyCompression Set. D412 Test Methods for Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic ElastomersTension. D429 Test Methods for Rubber Property--Adhesion to Rigid Substrates

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ASTM D2000 BC Rubber Sheets, Strips, and Rolls. 40 products. Grainger has rubber sheets and rubber strips in grades and sizes to fill your industrial requirements. Find plain and adhesive-backed rubber strips and rubber sheet stock in types such as nitrile, which is ideal for gaskets, sealing and equipment protection. ASTM D2000 Rubber McMaster-CarrUltra-Strength Fabric-ReinforcedMultipurpose Neoprene Rubber Sheets. For every 1/4" of thickness there is one layer of super-strong fiberglass cloth that stands up to high stress and flex. Use these sheets as flange gaskets, diaphragm packing, and anywhere heavy compression would squeeze nonreinforced neoprene out of place.

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TYPE & CLASS Type is based upon temperature resistance (degrees F). Class is based upon oil resistance (volume change, #3 oil). 158 212 257 302 347 392 437 482 527 10 FK HK 20 30 CH 40 BG 60 BF 80 BE CE GE 100 120 BC 140 N/A AA BA CA AA Natural Continue reading ASTM D2000 Type ASTM D2103 - Standard Specification for Polyethylene Film Apr 01, 2015 · ASTM D4801 - Standard Specification for Polyethylene Sheeting in Thickness of 0.25 mm (0.010 in.) and Greater Published by ASTM on November 1, 2008 This specification covers requirements for extruded (cast or blown) and compression-molded sheeting made from low-, medium- and high-density polyethylenes and copolymers in thickness of 0.25 mm


ASTM C55-03 (ref. 9a) included two grades of concrete brick:Grade N for veneer and facing applications and Grade S for general use. In 2006, the grades were removed and requirements for concrete brick used in veneer and facing applications were moved into a new standard:C1634 (see below). ASTM Specifications American Galvanizers AssociationASTM B6 . Specification for Zinc. This specification covers zinc metal made from ore or other material by a process of distillation or by electrolysis in five grades as follows:LME grade, special high grade, high grade, intermediate grade, and prime western grade. ASTM B201 . Practice for Testing Chromate Coatings on Zinc and Cadmium Surfaces.

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These products are blends of neoprene, nitrile and SBR rubbers. They are moderately oil-resistant, for use as bumpers, pads, and in sealing and general gasket applications. These are commercial grade materials, not recommended in applications where high oil resistance is required. Style #244 is a soft, good quality, blended CR/NBR/SBR sheet. MATERIAL COMPARISON TABLEASTM STANDARD UNS NO. KS/JIS Symbol KS/JIS Number Remark DIN Type DIN Material Remark Grade D & E K02101 SWS400C/SM400C D3515/G3106 (1) St44-3 17100 1.0044 (1) Stainless and Heat-Resisting Cr-Ni Steel Plate Sheet and Strip Grade 304 S30400 STS304/SUS304 D3705/G4304 - X5CrNi18 9 17440 1.4301 (3b) Grade 304L S30403 STS304L/SUS304L D3705

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A commercial blended neoprene sheet with a matte Neoprene and wider temperature range than standard commercial grade. This Neoprene formula has great resistance to ASTM D 2000 M2BC 610 A14 B14 C12 E034 F17 ASTM D 2000 M2BC 710 A14 B14 C12 E034 F17 ASTM D 2000 M2BC 510 Neoprene/EPDM/SBR BlendNeoprene/EPDM/SBR Blend . Typical Physical Properties . Specification Typical Results Color Black Specification ASTM D1056-00 . ASTM D1056-67 . SAE J18-02 . GM 6086M . GMN11106 . 2A5 . SCE 45 . 2A5 . IIIB . IIIB 25% Compression Deflection 17-24 psi Shore 00 Durometer (approx.) 65+

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Nitrile is a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile, and is a highly popular material due to its great petroleum resistance and custom compounding abilities. The material has excellent resistance to silicone greases, hydraulic fluids, alcohols, water, and has a favorable balance of good compression set, high abrasion resistance along with high tensile strength. PROFESSIONAL PLASTICS, INC.Specification Grade Calendered Sheet Spec Material Durometer Hardness Durometer Tolerance ASTM D 2000 OR MIL-R-3065E M2AA 710 A13 B13 C12 F19 EPDM 70 +/- 5 M2BC 407 A14 B14 C12 E034 F17 NEOPRENE 40 +/- 5 M2BC 510 A14 B14 C12 E034 F17 NEOPRENE 50 +/- 5 M2BC 610 A14 B14 C12 E034 F17 NEOPRENE 60 +/- 5

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D 100% E 80% F 60% G 40% H 30% J 20% K 10% Table 2, Tested for 70 hrs @ temperature from table 1 in ASTM Oil No 3. Lets go back to "2" now. "2" represents the grade of rubber. The grades available are shown on table 6 of the ASTM D2000 specification. The grades available are dependent on the hardness and tensile strength for the particular Using ASTM D2000 or SAE J200 as an Engineering Tool A line call out contains the grade, type, class, hardness, tensile strength along with the suffix requirements for a given material. An example has been listed below with the definition for each number or letter designation (example courtesy of ASTM D2000 standard):ASTM D 2000 M2BC 507 A14 EO34. Basic Requirements:M = Requirements are in SI

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* Taken From ASTM D2000-12 Standard Our callout G indicates that the Test will be run at 100°C and have a Maximum Volume Swell after oil aging is 40%. ASTM D2000-12 does not specify rubber compounds by the base materials names of Neoprene, Buna-n, etc. Instead, ASTM D2000-12 groups these base materials by Type and Class (orASTM D2000 Rubber Sheets McMaster-CarrFabric-Reinforced MultipurposeNeoprene Rubber Sheets and Strips. These sheets and strips have one layer of cotton/polyester fabric for every 1/16" of thickness, so they maintain their size and shape under heavy compression better than the standard nonreinforced multipurpose neoprene. Use them as