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To help site visitors understand the roll forming, corrugating, and metal fabricating processes, Corrugated Metals, Inc. has included this one-of-a-kind glossary. The glossary is organized as an alpha listing to quickly assist you in finding the term you are looking for.

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Glossary of steel sector acronyms Acronyms that regularly appear in steel sector literature or that are of relevance to EUROFER, its work or its relationships with its stakeholders. ADP Abiotic Resource Depletion Potential BAT Best Available Techniques GLOSSARY OF BRIDGE TERMS - United States Coast GuardGLOSSARY OF BRIDGE TERMS 1. Abutment:A substructure composed of stone, concrete, brick or timber supporting the ends of a single span bridge or the extreme end of a multi-span bridge. Usually it also supports the approach embankment. 2. Advance Approval Waterways:(Title 33, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 115.70, as

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The following glossary of terms are standardized definitions used throughout the bending industry. The definitions were developed by the Bender-Roller Committee of the American Institute of Steel Construction, of which Kottler Metal Products Inc. is an active member. Glossary of Industry Terms - Steel Art CoSteel Art is the premier manufacturer of interior and exterior architectural signage and serves the sign trade exclusively. Theres a lot of lingo in the sign trade! This glossary covers many of the terms we use when manufacturing architectural signs.

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A glossary that is commonly used in the metal building industry. Learn more to get a better understanding with this type of construction and terms. A glossary that is commonly used in the metal building industry. Learn more to get a better understanding with this type of construction and terms. Steel sections (angles, channels, I-beams, etc Glossary of Steel Industry Terms - Benjamin SteelSteel which owes its properties chiefly to carbon without substantial amounts of other alloying elements; also known as straight carbon steel or plain carbon steel. Steel is classified as carbon steel when the maximum content does not exceed the following percentages:Manganese:1.65; Silicon:0.06; Copper 0.60 (when specified).

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Below we list some of the most common steel terms and explain what they mean. AISI. Abbreviation for the American Iron and Steel Institute. Alloy. Two or more chemical elements, of which one at least is metal. Alloy Steel. A steel containing more than one alloying element. Annealing. Glossary of Steel Terms - West Yorkshire SteelGlossary of Steel Terms Steel Terms Explained. Below we list some of the most common steel terms and explain what they mean. AISI Abbreviation for the American Iron and Steel Institute. Alloy Two or more chemical elements, of which one at least is metal. Alloy Steel A steel containing more than one alloying element.

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Find dictionary definitions and related terms in the Steel category on the online glossary. Find information on Steel terms and definitions in the cross-referenced index. Glossary of Terms Mid City Steel Steel Supplier- Rebar Glossary of Terms. Glossary of Terms. To find your term, start by selecting the first letter:A ** Back To Glossary Index ** Steel Strapping. Banding and packaging material that is used to close and reinforce shipping units, such as bales, boxes, cartons, coils, crates, and skids.

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Glossary of Terms. ACDEFGHILMNPSVW. Age Hardening. Martensitic stainless steels are hardened by heating above their critical temperature, holding them at heat to insure uniform temperature, and Glossary of Terms Armstrong SteelA girder arranged parallel to the main girder for supporting the platform, motor base, operator's cab, control panels, etc., of a crane system. The auxiliary crane girder reduces the forces that otherwise impose on the main crane girder. Auxiliary Loads. Expand.

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Glossary adapted with permission from the Hollow Metal Manufacturers Associations HMMA 801-12; terms commonly used in connection with hollow metal work. Pipe Glossary of Terms - National Association of Steel Stainless Steel:Stainless Steel is a steel that meets the following definitions:A trade name given to alloy steel that is corrosion and heat resistant. The chief alloying elements are chromium, nickel, molybdenum and silicon in various combinations with a possible


CHAPTER 3 STRUCTURAL STEEL TERMS/ LAYOUT AND FABRICATION OF STEEL AND PIPE Structural steel is one of the basic materials used in the construction of frames for most industrial Steel Construction GlossarySteel Construction Glossary. See Also:Glossary of Steel Terminology. Axial Load. A load, in tension or compression, straight along a member. Beam. Any member which can span a gap and resist loads in bending. In steel, such a beam is usually I shaped, with flanges top and bottom joined by a web. Bending moment. Defined as (force x distance) it

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For definitions of specific physical properties see . Picral. An etchant for ferrous alloys; 4% picric acid in alcohol. Pig Iron, Basic. A grade of iron made from the basic open-hearth process of steelmaking; P, 0.40% max. for Northern iron, 0.70 to 0.90% for Southern iron; Steel Glossary of Termsoiled steel offers a cleaner surface than hot rolled steel, making it an attractive alternative to cold rolled steel in terms of cost if wall thickness tolerances are not as critical. Pipe Pipe is a round hollow form of steel produced to a nominal pipe size (NPS) and used in conjunction with the term "schedule" that defines the wall thickness.

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This page gives terms and definitionsfor a variety of engineering and manufacturing steel related phrases. GE HARDENING:Precipitation hardening; a process of aging that increases hardness and strength and ordinarily decreases ductility. Age hardening usually follows rapid cooling from solution heat treatment temperatures or cold working.Steel Terms Steel Terms Glossary |TimkenSteel

    • ALUMINUM - Al Used to deoxidize steel and control grain size with additions up to around 0.05 wt. ANNEALING A treatment consisting of heating uniformly to a temperature, within or above the Glossary of Terms/ Definitions Commonly Used in - SteelTERMS RELATED TO 'STEEL' AND 'STEEL PRODUCTS' :STEEL:Steel is an iron based alloy containing Carbon, Silicon, Manganese etc. STEEL MAKING:Steel making is the process of selective oxidation of impurities present in the charge material (Hot metal/Scrap/DRI) in the presence of suitable fluxes in the Steel Melting Shops (SMS).